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Do you have a measuring tape? Or some firm, nonstretchy cord and a ruler? Please consider taking a smidge of time today and go to the Knitty blog even if you're not a knitter. Your input about your foot -- and if you have and and can get them, the feet of other people in your house -- is requested so that folks who design socks for this awesome free knitting pattern website can dispense free information about feet to handknit sock designers.

(Disclaimer: I don't work for Knitty at all, I just like the website. All content on Knitty is free, paid for by reasonable advertisements, and all pattern writers are paid a reasonable honorarium and retain copyright to their patterns. A lot of my favorite designers have gotten their first exposures there, sock and otherwise.)
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So this is a test post. I've had this account for a couple of years now as a just in case measure but hadn't really set it up. I might fiddle about with settings after this. I'm not yet decided if I'll make this one the primary or what. Currently, I'm not so inclined.
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Just a little. Baby's crying, keeps dumping my drinks on the floor. Clearly, no hydration for me, today.

Her sister doesn't want to help today because NO ONE does work on their birthday. Yeah, sorry kiddo, that don't fly.

Ballet for the eldest tonight. Hopefully I won't kill anyone, yes?


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